My Story

With Seven children, a husband and a dog, i was always buying and trying anything new to "freshen" my home. When my niece introducted me to SCENTSY i knew my search was finally over!!! This scent doesn't evaporate in minutes like sprays and I don't have to worry about burning a million candles and only getting a whiff of the scent once in a while. Scentsy continuously stays in the air ( as long as you leave it plugged in) and lasts sooo long!!! I'm hooked and I'm never going back to sprays or candles!!! Not only am I a Buyer, I'm a Seller too! Interested in becoming a buyer but afraid of not liking it or have allergies? Vanilla is very good for even the most severe allergies.Contact me about my "Try It Before You Buy It Program".Borrow a warmer for up to a week to see if you like it, no committment!  Interested in hosting a party but a little nervous? Contact me, Ill walk you thru it, ill be there every step of the way! All you need to do is invite your friends, serve light refreshments and I do the rest, you enjoy the party with your friends and collect the rewards. OR do a book party for the first time, to get comfortable.There are so many options. Interested in Joining but not sure if it is right for you?Want to join but can't afford the kit right now? Call me! Everything can be worked out. Contact me, we'll talk, you'll never know until you try...  EVERYBODY LOVES SCENTSY!!!<!--endbody-->